​World Acrobatics Society

The "Gallery of Legends"

is now...

The "Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame!"

On September 9, 2017, the World Acrobatics Society Board of Directors voted to change the name of Gallery of Legends to that of: Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame.

The tradition of honoring legends in acrobatic history began at the fourth annual reunion of the World Acrobatics Society in April, 2000. This tradition, along with holding an annual congress has continued throughout the past 17 years.

Through the years, several additional award categories have been added to honor individuals which include: Lifetime Achievement, Golden Achievement and the Pond Service Award. No changes to the current awards process and banquet are expected as a result of the name change.

Going forward, the new name Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame is seen as a way to more fully embrace and represent the various categories now being recognized.

The World Acrobatics Society invites its membership and the public to join in celebration and acknowledgement of this positive change to the organization.