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                             5 Things to Know - - About WAS Nominations

The highlight of every World Acrobatics Society Induction Banquet certainly is watching inductees receive their well-deserved recognition. If you have someone in mind to nominate for next year’s big event, here’s a quick guide to help you plan ahead.

Important dates:

Next year’s Congress & Induction Banquet will be held September 13-15, 2019. Both the nominator and inductee are expected to attend the event, so make sure you’re both available and have the dates saved. The official nomination forms will be posted on the WAS website in January, signaling the start of the nomination period which runs from early January and closes by the end of February. The selection of inductees is announced in April.


Only current members of the World Acrobatics Society can submit a nomination. All memberships run January – December, so before you nominate someone, make sure you have renewed your membership for that year. However, the person you are nominating, does not need to be a current member. But if they are selected and inducted, they will receive a one year complimentary membership in WAS. 


There are several nomination categories to choose from which include Legend, Golden Achievement, Lifetime Achievement and Charlie Pond Service Award. Within the Legend category there are six distinct disciplines: Acrobatic Gymnastics/Cheerleading, Artistic Gymnastics, Diving, Extreme Sports, Professional Acrobatics and Trampoline/Tumbling. Make sure you check the official nomination form provided for each category for additional information.

Required Information & Materials:

The nominator has the responsibility of guiding their nominee through the complete process from nomination to induction. Each nomination submitted will require a biography of the individual (a maximum of two pages) plus a photo; either action or portrait. If selected for induction, you and/or the individual must then provide adequate materials (pictures, certificates, videos, et.) for inclusion in a presentation video of the nominee, that will be viewed at the WAS Congress and Induction Banquet in September.


If you have any questions or need additional information either now or during the nomination process, use this form to contact the WAS Gallery of Legends Hall of Fame (GOLHOF) Administrator/Chair.

Remember, this short guide is only intended to provide you with an overview of essential information to assist you in planning for and the consideration of potential nominees. Look for additional information to be posted on this WAS website over the next several months.

We look forward to celebrating the new inductees of 2019 - - and now you know how YOU can be a valuable participant in the nomination process as well!